Vibe Kayaks

I had the pleasure of working with the good people of Vibe Kayaks, a startup kayak manufacturer based in Kennessaw, Georgia. We helped Vibe in a number of ways. We helped them establish a brand voice and figure out their target audience. We then started managing their social channels from planning to content creation. We created print and digital ads and helped with all other marketing efforts. Working with Vibe has allowed me to chance to grow as an art director, photographer and videographer. I traveled on location for multiple shoots to capture footage with various cameras and drones. Over the last year, we've helped Vibe has grow from a grassroots kayak company to a major player in their market. 


We shot on location with Vibe Pro Team members to produce print ads that capture the feeling of being out there on the water.



We created and ran ads across multiple platforms. Below are a few banner ads and social media ads that were created. These ran for 2 weeks on average before being refreshed with new creative.

Vibe Social.jpg


The majority of work done for Vibe was creating social content. We posted daily, so we were constantly shooting and editing to keep the content fresh and exciting. We built out monthly calendars to highlight specific days of interest, like holidays, events and sales.